Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle Glass 0Mesi + 150ml



Chicco Natural Feeling Glass Baby Bottle 0Mesi + So like you, so natural for him NaturalFeeling is The one baby bottle line that follows the child’s growth in essentially the most natural way conceivable NaturalFeeling The one line of baby bottles that lets you breastfeed your baby in a natural way, thanks to 3 different teats with specific forms depending at the age of the child (0m + 4m +, 6m +). If truth be told they change shape depending at the capacity of sucking the small: from the inclined pacifier for infants to that of the first months rounded to the elongated ideal for older babies. A specific teat, for every age group: Inclined to infants; Rounded for the first months; Elongated for larger. Double anti-colic valve: It reduces the risk of inglestione air, as a result of colic, and favors a peaceful lactation Silicon extra soft and fluffy basis: Simulate the among the breast and gives the child a natural feeling all the way through feeding

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